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Your Electronic Signing Process, Simplified.

Sign documents and get signatures with the e-sign solution that delights your customers.

Assign Signers to Get Signatures

Import documents with your device camera, or from your photos, mail, other apps, Google Drive, Dropbox and Kdan Cloud, or other apps. Assign various fields to signers in a serial or parallel order.

Manage & Track Progress of Signing Tasks

Check the progress of a task with real-time status updates for each signer. Set auto-reminders, document expiry dates, and custom messages to signers.

Sign Documents with Ease

Get notified through email of signature requests. Create personalized signatures or stamps. Save time by pre-filling your personal information into the document.

Close Deal, Download File and Audit Trail

DottedSign will automatically send notification emails to all parties once the document is completed. Download the file with a digital audit trail straight from the cloud.