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Capture Electronic Signatures Quickly and Securely

Sign documents online and get e-signatures in a fast, secure, and legally-binding way. Simple and easy to use for both individuals and teams of all sizes.

Efficiently request signatures from clients

Create and assign your tasks in less than one minute. Let DottedSign automate the rest of the process!

Secure & Legally-Binding as Paperwork

Encrypted Process

The signing process is encrypted by TLS/SSL, AES-256, and RSA-2048. DottedSign provides further protection by leveraging SSO.

Advanced Security

Digital certificates issued by the AATL authorize CA safeguard signers' identity authentication and signature validation. Password verification and access lock double protect your account from unauthorized usage.

Audit Trail

It records all signers' actions to the documents to ensure its non-repudiation and the legal evidence, including the name, email address, date, time stamp, IP address, and device used.

Work on All Your Devices

Effortlessly sign documents online via smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Sign up for your free account from any of the platforms!


Connect DottedSign to Zapier

Zapier lets you connect DottedSign with thousands of apps, so you can automate your workflow and close deals faster. No codes required.

Your Electronic Signing Process, Simplified.

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