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Lion Travel Adopts DottedSign E-Signature Solution, Furthering Sustainability Leadership in Hospitality Sector

DottedSign, an e-signature solution of Kdan Mobile Software, Ltd., recently announced that it is assisting Lion Travel, a globally recognized full-service travel provider, in digitizing their signing process. This transition allows Lion Travel to achieve a more efficient, convenient and sustainable method of signing travel contracts, expecting to result in an annual paper saving of approximately 4.5 metric tons, positioning them as a leader in sustainability within the travel and hospitality industry in Asia.

Lion Travel relied on standard paper contracts to meet local regulations prior to using DottedSign. Contracts were delivered to clients either in person or digitally, requiring clients to print, sign and return them. Errors or client signature issues meant reprinting, resulting in paper waste. Discrepancies between the information in the standardized contracts sent out by the sales team and the website orders often occurred, leading to errors or omissions and having to reprint the corrected contract.

“We’re glad to assist Lion Travel in adopting an online signing process and streamlining their procedures through the integration of DottedSign,” says Kenny Su, CEO of Kdan Mobile. “Customer details from the website now auto-fill into the contract, allowing for immediate e-signing and greatly reducing the occurrence of business errors or omissions. What previously took up to two days to sign can now be done within 20 minutes, greatly improving transaction efficiency for Lion Travel’s business.”

“With Lion Travel serving nearly a million group travel customers annually, around 60% of these purchases are made directly from Lion Travel,” says Mr. Lin, General Manager of Lion Travel. “If all of Lion Travel’s direct clients sign through DottedSign, it would result in an annual paper saving of around 450,000 sheets – equivalent to about 4.5 metric tons of paper.”

This saving on paper resources is consistent with Lion Travel’s leadership in sustainability for the travel and hospitality industry. Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission has required all listed companies to develop a sustainable development pathway and to complete greenhouse gas emissions audits and certification by 2027, which Lion Travel is working to achieve.

Moving forward, Lion Travel will expand its signing scenarios to overseas, including offices in Europe, the US and Asia regions. This initiative aims to enhance signing and management effectiveness of cross-border travel signing processes. Lion Travel plans to further advance the integration of the DottedSign solution, continuously collaborate, provide better services for customers and move towards sustainable development.

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