DottedSign: A Digital Tool That Will Change The Way You Work

One of the most universally despised aspects of work in the modern age is paperwork.

It’s tedious.


And if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing, you could earn yourself a nasty paper-cut.


In all seriousness, we know that paperwork has its merits.

The problem is that signing paperwork has failed to keep up with the times.


Today’s contracts are a little more complex than they used to be. There’s often a freelancer involved on one end (i.e. a programmer) who sends the contract, a small business that hires the freelancer (that might be you), and a client that you’re working with.

We’re guessing one (or more) of the following issues occurred.

  • You had a hundred different signing tasks scattered in different emails and instant message chats
  • You wasted hours going back-and-forth explaining to recipients where to sign on the contract
  • You felt bad about constantly nagging your stakeholders via phone, email or chat to complete their signing tasks
  • Tracking different tasks turned into a nightmare of opening every single email just to find and record the date and time of signature
  • You have no clue who has/has not signed because your inbox makes a hoarder’s house look tidy
  • There was no easy way to keep all your signees updated on the contract progress

It’s tragic. We’ve all been there. But it gets better.


We’ve been working on a new, complete e-signature to optimize your business’s workflow that will change the way you sign documents, forms, contracts and agreements forever.


It’s called DottedSign. If you’re in sales, a start-up, a small-to-medium-sized business owner, or even a freelancer, this is the perfect tool for you.

Here’s why it’s so neat:


Got a contract with more signers than you have envelopes for? DottedSign lets you assign multiple signing fields to different stakeholders and send the contract to all of them at once. With just a few simple taps, your multi-signature contract is ready to roll!

Why You’ll love it:

  • NO DELAYS waiting for your courier to deliver multiple contracts. DottedSign digitally delegates signature tasks to multiple signers simultaneously
  • LESS CONFUSED CLIENTS. DottedSign lets recipients know exactly where they should sign (and where they shouldn’t) – a life-saver for sales professionals who often spend hours explaining to clients which pages of a contract need their signature. In one swoop, DottedSign kills the 1001 variations of “Where do I sign on the doc?” in your inbox, and saves your clients from the ordeal of searching the entire contract for where to sign.


Struggling to locate the signed and unsigned contracts in your maze of an inbox? DottedSign equips you with an easy-on-the-eyes, user-friendly interface that lets you effortlessly track and manage a document’s progress. You’ll know after one glance who’s pending, who’s waiting to sign-off, and be able to take action faster.

Why You’ll love it:

  • VISUAL PROGRESS BAR helps you monitor signing tasks more efficiently by displaying your task on a single linear track. You’ll know in one glance, who has / has not signed
  • KNOW WHAT’S ON YOUR TIMELINE. DottedSign’s intuitive Timeline feature makes it easier than ever to get up to speed with all your personal signing tasks, and record activity on tasks related to you
  • LESS TIME SEARCHING with our easy-to-use search tool. DottedSign lets you find your documents in no time. The less time you waste rummaging endlessly in your inbox, the more you have to deliver a superior service to your clients


DottedSign makes it crazy-simple to sign, monitor, and manage your contracts and agreements anywhere, anytime. With a complete ecosystem of E-signature solutions that work seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, and web-interface, you’re looking at a convenient, accessible, and portable solution that’ll inject new efficiencies into your business workflow.

Why You’ll love it:

  • CLOSE DEALS FASTER. Now your sales team can send contracts to all your stakeholders right after meetings finish
  • LITERALLY NO PAPERWORK. Never lug an ugly suitcase bulging with paper contracts to your sales meetings again. Save on costly printing and delivery when you go digital with your documentation
  • CREATE SIGNATURE TASKS while commuting to your next meeting. Draw them in or create signature stamps using your camera or photos
  • DRAG AND DROP your pre-filled personal information into contracts on the go and skip the dreary process of form-filling forever
  • IMPROVE TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY with a legally-enforceable, traceable, and paperless signing process. DottedSign gives your small business a digital audit trail, complete with time-stamped records of every signer’s activity on the document


Ready to improve the way you sign documents, forms, contracts and agreements forever? You’ll find everything you need in DottedSign. It’s the only complete e-signature service that will makes your business more efficient than ever.

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