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You’ve probably heard the term “E-signature” being brought up when talking about new technologies for businesses in recent years. While this term is relatively new, we encounter the concept on a daily basis. We use our own form of electronic signature all the time when signing credit card purchases, lease agreements, or even permission slips. The convenience and safety of E-Signatures are helping excel in the business world and allows organizations to be more secure and efficient with their signature needs.


DottedSign Mobility


The best part about modern business is the ability to conduct any action from anywhere in the world. A recent study has shown that 70% of people work remotely at least one day a week. As this trend continues to increase, there’s a growing need for services that help you create a mobile workplace. 

E-signature services are a safe way to improve how your company handles signing matters when you’re “out of the office.” An electronic-signature speeds things along while providing you with an efficient and secure way of signing important documents and contracts. 


Business trips often bring unwarranted stress to most employees because it is more difficult to carry out routine tasks while on the go. DottedSign makes signing documents wherever you go more convenient than ever. With the press of a button, you can import documents from your phone, email, or camera. Then edit the contracts by adding dates, text, and assigning signature tasks for specific people. 

Dottedsign Efficiency


Streamline all elements of the signing workflow with DottedSign. The e-Sign service allows you to search for documents (by Signee, email, or file name), and take action according to the documents’ status. As a cross-platform solution, DottedSign allows you to sign & send with any Android or iOS device, or from any web browser.


Our one-time password (OTP) verification helps confirm the signer’s authentication, and uses a password to prevent your app from unauthorized access. Each document also has a comprehensive log of each party’s name, email, IP address, and device used. It marks the date and time with a timestamp to ensure all actions are recorded for legal evidence. This lets you see all document changes, such as when it was created, viewed, and signed.

Dottedsign Simplicity


In-person Signing

DottedSign’s new In-Person Signing feature is a great tool for all sales where you meet your client face-to-face. According to the Sales Management Association, with 40 percent of salespeople already equipped with tablets, and 90% of sales organizations planning to invest more in tablets in the near future, it is no question that your e-signature is becoming more powerful than ever. 

*How it works: Simplify the signing process whenever you are meeting with someone in person by using In-Person Signing. There’s no need to wait for the back-and-forth of normal document delivery. To use In-Person Signing, all you need is a DottedSign account holder to create the DottedSign process which will then allow any other individual to fill out and sign documents. 

*Situation: Let’s say you’re an independent contractor and you plan to meet with a new client to go over the new home renovation project you are planning. The details are all worked out and the client is ready to sign to start the renovation. In order to keep all of your projects in order with the correct digital trail, you use DottedSign’s e-signature service. In your new document, you assign yourself as the host and your client as the In-Person signee. Then from your mobile device, you can fill out the document and begin the signing process. By the end of your meeting, you will have a completed deal, a signed contract, and a happy customer.


Securing your contracts is one of DottedSign’s security elements. Along with our one-time password verification, the signing process is also encrypted by TLS/SSL, AES-256, and RSA-2048. SSO is also leveraged to ensure that your signing process is protected. DottedSign is compliant with the U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (ESIGN Act) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) to make sure that contracts signed can be legally enforced. 


DottedSign simplifies the process of remote business by automating your document delivery. You’d be amazed to see how much time the average businessperson spends checking in or following up on contract signatures. The time it takes to mail, fax, or even hand-deliver a document just adds unnecessary stress and wastes time. DottedSign lets you track progress by checking each signers’ status and sends notifications and reminders to related parties to keep everyone on the same page.

Start the transition today, and create your mobile workplace.

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