Dot Your i’s and Cross E-Signatures Off Your Business-Upgrade Wish List

We can’t agree more. It’s time to add pleasure back to business. DottedSign is here.

It changes everything. It flies when you’re having fun. It’s the most valuable thing there is, and you never have enough.

It’s Time, and we’re here to give you more of it. When your company is closing a deal, maintaining momentum, or churning through tons of contracts, the last thing you need is to be bogged down by logistics.

Introducing DottedSign, a new, better way to get signatures done, and to add speed + lightness to your business. It’s an app that adds legal e-signatures to any document, ready for you to download or use on the web. It’s on Android, iPhone, iPad, or Web.


is here.

You’ve wanted to get off old paper-based documents, but it seemed too complex or cost too much. Now there’s a free, beautiful way to incorporate e-signatures into your workflows. It takes no time at all to set up, but once you’re using it, it saves all the time in the world.

Security is the key. 2048 Bits of it.

DottedSign leverages the U.S. ESIGN Act, a new commerce rule which paves the way for companies to create agreements without needing in-person signatures. With the proliferation of smart devices today, and more process and legality in business than ever before, the time you spend on physical signatures is not time you (or your customers) have to waste.


Bank-level security on every transaction. Built-in at the deepest level.

Fully encrypted, advanced protocols are the bedrock of our system. A built-in audit trail for each document lists IP addresses, device used, timestamps, and uses TLS/SSL with AES 256 and RSA-2048 encryption, including one-time password verification to ensure maximum security.

We rethought everything, so you don’t have to.

Electronic signatures allow you to work in a completely new way. No more wasting hours tracking down stakeholders or clients by phone, scheduling meetings, or traveling to the location just to sign documents.


The app clearly communicates signature status, so you don’t have to- well, communicate.

At a glance, you can see the status of each document, which signatures are complete, and who needs to sign next. And convenient tabs separate your signing tasks so you can isolate what needs to be done from assignments already completed.

Entirely new, but pleasantly familiar.

You use email, photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, and Microsoft Office. That’s great- you’ll feel right at home with DottedSign. Designed to work with all clouds and document types, just upload with the app or web interface, insert text fill or sign locations, stickers, and send.


DottedSignworks well with others and aims to please.

Once you sign, the progress bar instantly informs you about the status of each signature. It’s the easiest way across any e-signature service to manage document tasks. And there’s especially good integration with Kdan’s Document 365 business app suite, and Kdan Cloud.

Thick paper trail. Only, no paper.

During any dispute, you’ll seem like a paper hoarder, with records for every aspect of each transaction. All at a glance in the app or web interface, no paper required. We believe in saving natural resources. It feels good to be doing our part to promote renewable business.


Tap to add a signature with any iOS or Android device.

Dig through thousands of records with powerful search, remind all your signees with auto-reminders, and invite multiple signees with serial or parallel signature dependencies. File everything in its rightful place, all without lifting a finger.

Log in. Your e-signature dashboard is ready.


Your Google or Facebook account is your passport to login with SSO, giving you access to your free e-signature command center. Android, iPhone, and iPad apps enable push notifications and always-with-you assurance that your signatures are getting done.

In just a few seconds, your first signature request can be on its way. Startnow, and see what your business can do with all the time you’ll save.

Close Deals Faster

  • Collect signatures remotely
  • Traceable audit trail and OTP
  • Team management and reporting

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