eSignature, Reimagined: Unveiling DottedSign 2.0 for Seamless B2B Transactions

Digital transformation continues reshaping business landscapes, with companies relying more heavily on digital processes for enhanced efficiency. Electronic signatures (eSignatures) in particular have become integral for streamlining workflows.

At DottedSign, we recognize the growing demand from enterprises for an eSignature solution tailored to their needs. After hearing consistent feedback from our users, we are excited to unveil DottedSign 2.0 – featuring 13 new capabilities reimagining eSignatures for seamless signing experiences.

This major update aims to address key pain points, making it easier than ever to create, manage and complete signing tasks from both sender and signer perspectives. Read on for details about the most impactful updates.

Get to Know DottedSign eSignature Solution

DottedSign is a cloud-based eSignature service created for modern-day organizations, looking to operate in an agile, hybrid, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way. DottedSign modernizes the document signing process with legal eSignature capabilities, intuitive workflows and solid security. Users can digitally sign agreements in seconds, manage approvals seamlessly, and track document status end-to-end, accelerating the eSignature process while ensuring compliance and reducing costs.

With over 4,000 enterprises and 1 million users globally, we listened closely to identify their ever-evolving needs. Their insights have guided our development of an intuitive, simplified signing experience. The result? The next generation of DottedSign, shaped by users for users – ready to redefine expectations for seamless eSignatures.

DottedSign 2.0 – Key Feature Spotlight

Merge Documents Into One Task to eSign

Handling numerous signature requests for the same set of signers can become unmanageable. Merging documents allows senders to bundle files from the same set of signers to review, approve and sign off with a single action.

Replace Documents in Your Templates with Replace Template Document

Prevent minor document updates from being disruptive and causing extra administrative work. Now there is no need to recreate templates from scratch every time changes occur. This feature enables you to swap out documents and forms in existing templates, without disturbing the existing standardized formats and maintaining brand integrity across documents.

Sign In a Snap With Just One Click

Initiate your signatures with one simple click on the assigned fields. Whether you need to sign multiple signature fields on a long contract, add your signature to a batch of offer letters, or authorize a series of invoices, this feature eliminates the hassle of manually selecting your preferred signature type for each assigned field separately. In the same signing task, after creating or choosing your preferred signature, simply click on other signing fields to add your pre-selected signature. This expedites the entire process, reducing the time and effort typically associated with signing documents.

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Explore All DottedSign’s Newest Features Designed Just for You

1. Effortless Signing Task Creation in Seconds

DottedSign stays one step ahead with added features tailored to your unique needs, removing friction from the signing process. These adaptable kickstart features streamline creating, sending, and managing signature tasks to give back more time to your workday.

  • Merge documents into one task to eSign.
  • Instantly save reusable templates with one click from the existing signing task.
  • Swap documents and forms in current templates rather than rebuilding from scratch when changes are required.
  • Resend incomplete signing tasks to signers to complete.

2. Streamlined Signature Customization

Simple and Adaptable – this set of user-friendly customizable features are designed to be flexible, collaborative, and convenient. When creating signing tasks, senders can now design, build and dispatch flexible documents, ensuring convenience along the entire signing process.

  • Create reusable field sets consisting of checkbox or round option buttons that allow users to select only one choice from a set of mutually exclusive possibilities. Field sets are pre-made menus containing buttons with different choices on forms that a user is required to select. For example, when building contracts that repeatedly require choosing between “Option 1” or “Option 2”, you can group those options into a field set instead of recreating those choices every time. Then that field set can be plugged into new forms as needed, allowing users to consistently select from those predefined options.
  • Easily drag signature fields and place them anywhere on your document pages.
  • Assign image fields to the signers to embed image files like receipts, driver’s licenses or other identity documents, etc.

3. Sign With Speed

What could you accomplish with an extra hour per day? By optimizing your workflow, we aim to add 5 hours back to your week. Through small but powerful feature enhancements that accelerate your end-to-end signing process, making every hour count.

  • Add your eSignature into multiple signature fields with one click.
  • Upload attachments of different file formats, from Word, text, to spreadsheet, PowerPoint and images.

4. Strengthened Security and Compliance

We prioritize industry-leading security and compliance to deliver a reliable and precise digital signing experience from beginning to end. In addition to Adobe AATL digital signing certificates, our adherence to ISO 27001 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards, we have now added advanced protection features to ensure that our users continue to enjoy the utmost secure digital signing process.

  • An audit trail embedded in all signed documents.
  • Flexibility to have timestamps automatically applied in your signature field according to your preferred time zone.

By combining strong security protocols and standards with customizable, precision tools like timestamps, our users can put their minds at ease when managing confidential documents.

Sign Anytime, Anywhere

  • Secure, legal, and reliable
  • Effortless document signing
  • Available on all devices

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DottedSign Streamlines Workflows for Enterprise

With over 4,000 global enterprises as customers, DottedSign boasts proven success in simplifying workflows. Take CHIMEI Corporation, a world-leading materials company, which achieved massive efficiency gains after adoption – accelerating international sales contracts from 15 days to as little as 24 hours while reducing legal retrieval time from months to days.

Now, innovative companies in sectors like finance, healthcare, real-estate and energy are upgrading their digital tools and implementing eSignature to transform their own processes. The versatility of DottedSign allows you to streamline documentation workflows across devices for organizations in every industry.

Future-Focused and Ever-Evolving

Given the widespread transition towards digital workflows, eSignatures software presents a critical solution for B2B companies to enhance productivity. DottedSign 2.0’s advanced features position it as an innovator – making transactions straightforward, secure and collaborative.

As your needs evolve, our platform evolves – extending capabilities to match your ambitions without leaving compliance behind. Future-focused and grounded in the practical needs of today, DottedSign is the eSignature solution of choice across business landscapes.

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