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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the way we sign documents has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to the advent of electronic signature solution. The evolution of signing has gone from paper to paperless, and now to cloud-based signature services that utilize electronic signatures. Kdan Mobile’s e-signature software, DottedSign, has played a significant role in this shift, changing the digital landscape for document signing with its user-friendly interface and intuitive features that make it easy to sign documents electronically. 

DottedSign With Its User-friendly Interface and Intuitive Features

Businesses around the world are recognizing the importance of operational efficiency. They’re identifying opportunities to reduce the amount of labor, capital, and time required to drive the company forward by leveraging advanced business tools. Archaic processes, such as printing, signing, and scanning documents, are being replaced by more effective solutions like e-signature software, embracing the benefits of digital signatures. Adaptations like this are helping businesses automate otherwise tedious, manual tasks. Those that make the switch unlock additional time and keep the focus on bigger organizational objectives. 

Expedited Signing Process for the Mobile Workforce

Remote and hybrid working arrangements have been steadily on the rise for years. Now that millions of people have experienced working from home when offices closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend is here to stay. This new, mobile workforce has benefited from digital and contact center solutions that address the challenges they face with collaboration and communication, including the use of electronic documents and digital signatures. Using electronic signature tools to sign documents digitally can help teams reclaim hours in the week and simplify the whole process.

Join the Tech-Savvy Companies & Switch to E-Signature

DottedSign’s e-signature solution has been revolutionizing the way businesses across various industries, from accounting software and firms to retail services, handle their document signing process with ease and efficiency through digital signing.There’s been a surge of documents signed with a 300% increase since the start of lockdowns.

DottedSign enables the quick delivery of contracts while boasting a smart filing system, it’s an ideal solution for today’s modern businesses. Cyberbiz, for example, is an e-commerce business with 20,000 clients and growing. They use DottedSign to expedite the signature process to continue helping more businesses adopt their payment solution. This reduced the time to complete the signature process from two weeks to 28 days.

A Quicker, Safer, and Smarter Way to Sign

How can an e-signature solution improve your team’s efficiency to meet your company’s strategic goals? With DottedSign, you can access features that let you:

  1. Streamline your signature process: DottedSign allows you, your team, and those to whom you send out contracts to replace the manual process of emailing a contract, printing it out, signing, scanning, and sending it back with a quick and automated workflow. This saves you time and effort, while providing the added benefit of eliminating the need for handwritten signatures. You need only to create the signing document by dragging the signature field(s) onto the document and pressing send.The platform securely shares the document with the recipient(s), allowing them to add their signature from any device or browser without the need for email addresses or handwritten signatures. This streamlined workflow is automated, saving time and effort. DottedSign also notifies you when the work is complete and shares the final, signed PDF with you and the other signer(s) for easy record-keeping.
  2. Start your seamless cross-platform-and-device accessibility: DottedSign provides a cutting-edge digital signing experience that offers seamless accessibility across different platforms and devices, which empowers users to work on signing documents on the go with its friendly user experience and interface design. Simply said, with DottedSign you no longer have to carry all the papers with you or go back and forth between office and home just to sign these documents. The digital solution lends itself well to the increasingly mobile workforce, and you and your team can sign up anytime anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet.
  3. Stay on top of your document progress: You can see the status of each document, which signatures are complete, and who needs to sign next. Convenient tabs separate your signing documents so you can isolate what needs to be done from assignments already completed. If contracts are awaiting signature from a customer or vendor, DottedSign sends an automatic notification to their email address to issue a friendly reminder, ensuring your business continues moving forward without requiring your constant oversight.If you’re part of a larger team, you’ll also have the option of a bird’s eye view of all ongoing contracts. The Admin Console grants admins or managers the option to see every document issued through the system and track progress to maintain momentum. If you’re part of a larger team, you’ll also have the option of a bird’s eye view of all ongoing contracts. The Admin Console grants admins or managers the option to see every document issued through the system and track progress to maintain momentum.
  4. Scaleable signing with templates: Think of the most common document that you send out for signing. That could be a waiver form, NDA, or another standard contract, you can save even more time on signing documents like these by creating electronic forms of them and saving them as templates. Templates allow you to quickly replicate the document each time you want to send it to a new signer.There are added benefits for teams that choose to adopt DottedSign. They’ll be able to conduct business at scale by importing CSV files and sending each one of them a signing document.
  5. Secure your peace of mind: Digital security is very important. It allows users to secure sensitive information and create a sense of trust between different parties. DottedSign ensures enhanced security by integrating digital certificates into the signed documents, guaranteeing their integrity and completeness.  In addition to the digital certificate, DottedSign makes use of additional security measures–like identity verification, the one-time password, or digital audit trail–at various stages in the signing process. This is to protect you, your team, and anyone from whom you request a signature.
  6. The lightweight solution that’s easy to adapt: Compared with other e-signature solutions, DottedSign offers an easy and intuitive signing experience that seamlessly integrates into your workflow while maintaining enhanced security. There are two quick ways to start: going to the website and signing up for a free trial, where you’ll get to test premium features out; or by meeting with their team of experts who will advise you on which solution fits your needs based on your business and the most common signing scenarios you encounter.
    DottedSign’s Gmail add-on and recently-debuted integration with Zapier also make integrating the service into your business’s workflows easier than ever. You’ll be able to accelerate the way you and your team do business with wider product accessibility.
  7. Take back your time: The three factors that make any business successful involve the time, energy, and effort that employees and executives are willing to invest into people’s needs and those customers’ interest in their product. With DottedSign, you can take back some of that time by working in new ways and using familiar tools. Get things done faster and easier.

Kick Off Your Digital Transformation

Companies are finding ways to reduce wasted time by enhancing the ways in which they conduct business. Companies, like Cyberbiz above, are being proactive in seeking out new technologies that enhance operational efficiency.

If you’re looking to stay with the times and help your business keep pace with the increasingly-mobile workplace, the best way to begin is by either signing up for a free 14-day trial with DottedSign or scheduling time to meet with the DottedSign Team who will advise you on where to start and walk you through the signing process.

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