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From May 23-24, the Kdan team attended the 2019 Echelon Asia Summit at Singapore EXPO to show off our new e-signature tool. Echelon is a technology event held yearly by E27, which focuses on showcasing up-and-coming technology in the Asia-Pacific region, specifically for startups. As an exhibitor, Kdan got to build relationships with incubators and coworking space providers, make connections with local startups, and promote our new e-sign app, DottedSign.

DottedSign allows the user to easily import documents and request signatures from specific people, thus eliminating the need for paper contracts and optimizing workflow. To introduce this new app, our team gave away free trials at Echelon. This event allows startups to form collaborations and strategic relationships with other companies. Over 250 exhibitors and 15,000 were in attendance–including people from a wide range of industries such as law, automation robots, e-commerce, web design, and online payment.

Conference attendees had some excellent feedback for our team. While the comments we received were overwhelmingly positive, we fielded many questions regarding DottedSign. Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions we received at Echelon that you might be thinking about as well:

Question: Why do I need an e-signature service?

Answer: According to TechSci Research, the global E-signature market is growing rapidly…which shows that businesses are trending more and more away from traditional paper documents in favor of more efficient digital signature software. DottedSign is a great way for startup businesses and individuals to keep pace with modern trends while any product or web design cost is staying efficient.

Question: What’s the difference between adding signatures on PDFs through PDF Reader and DottedSign?

Answer: DottedSign is a complete e-signature service that helps manage your signing process. You can assign different people to sign a particular field as well as track their status with a visual progress bar. The most important thing is that signers’ actions and timestamps are saved automatically in the audit trail as a proven record.

Question: How is DottedSign different from DocuSign and HelloSign?

Answer: DottedSign has 3 features that make it stand out among other e-sign services:
1. Mobile-Friendly Design
A friendly user experience and concise interface design adapt to the life of the modern consumer, who is always traveling around and rely heavily on smart devices
2. Double-Verification for Recipients
Assigned recipients will receive an email notification and be asked for member registration to verify their identity and avoid the risk of someone else signing on their behalf   
3. Price
DottedSign offers a competitive price for the application, which is $ 9.99/month and $59.99/year per license. If you are interested in prices for a volume license for enterprises, contact

Question: Is it legal to sign electronically in my country?

Answer: Laws vary by country, but most of them accept e-signatures as long as they meet the following criteria: signer authentication; intent and consent; and final proof. DottedSign meets each of these requirements.

DottedSign meets these standards by using account verification and a complete audit trail for every signer to download after the document is completed.

Question: Can DottedSign be integrated into our company’s CRM or ERP systems?

Answer: We are actively working on CRM/ERP integration to order to continually improve your productivity. From this experience, we learned that people were excited by a solution that drastically optimizes the document signing process. Conference attendees expressed that, in this digital age, it feels incredibly time-consuming to manage paper contracts on the customer relationship management system. Subscribe to our newsletters to get more tips and insights on how to optimize your workflow with digital signing. If you are interested in trying out the app for yourself, you can find your free trial of DottedSign here.

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