4 Advantages of E-Signature Services for Securing PDF Contracts

What’s the best file format for sending important documents? For any experienced professional, this question is a no-brainer: you send important documents as PDFs.

Now, what about the best way to send out legal documents, such as business contracts, that require digital signatures? This answer is a little more complicated. PDF format is still the most secure way to send the document, but depending on your needs, such as electronic signature platform, that can help you collect signatures more effectively, efficiently and of course, more securely.  

While most PDF readers include functions that allow you to add digital signatures, an electronic signature service like DottedSign offers a level of security and efficiency that businesses – especially those that work remotely and/or with multiple external constituents–crave.

What is An “Electronic Signature”?

An electronic signature, which is a digital version of a person’s handwritten signature, serves as a legally-binding and enforceable acknowledgment that a signer adds to a document. When the qualifications are met, the electronic signature is just as valid as a traditional pen-and-paper signature. If you are working on startup email marketing projects, a signature will make your communications appear more professional.

Electronic signatures are widely used around the world in workplace situations. Some laws have been passed by the US Government and the European Union, such as the ESIGN Act and European Union Common Law. In the US, states have ratified the UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act), which is a set of laws that allow electronic signatures to be treated like paper signatures.

Electronic signatures do not lose their leadership position in the industry as artificial intelligence becomes the latest trend in business. It can also secure the signing progress by verifying the signer, reducing the time and effort spent on signing processes in this progress of AI trends.

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Most electronic signature solutions are designed for large enterprises to accommodate hundreds of thousands of transactions per day. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, you can avoid breaking your budget. Moreover, if you work with a digital agency and have other business partners, this can help create a smoother paperwork experience.

Some enterprise service providers can be challenging to deploy and use. It makes sense for specific applications like hospitals, hotels, or the military, which need to work with ruggedized equipment, POS terminals, or mobile devices, to utilize e-signature solutions. But for ordinary people getting work done, electronic signatures can be remarkably easy. 

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What are the Benefits of Using E-Signature in Your Work Process:


Easy workflow using DottedSign

The increasingly mobile workplace rewards teams that adapt AI business tools that help optimize productivity in and out of the office. E-signature services offer a level of flexibility because of their use of cloud storage for signatures.

Traditional PDF readers will store signatures for digital documents locally, but you’ll have to create new versions whenever your reinstall the app or switch to a different device. Accessing these signatures on the cloud also adds a level of security, as they require a sign-in to access. 


Dottedsign Simplicity

E-signatures and PDF readers both support self-signing within the document workflow, but you begin to notice the difference when incorporating “mobile signing,” which optimizes the signature process not only for yourself but also when requesting signatures from others.

PDF readers require that you import your PDF documents for signatures…add your signature…export as a new PDF…send in an email to the other signer(s)…and then get the final contract back.

E-signatures trim the unnecessary fat: import the PDF→ assign the signature field(s) → send to all signer(s) + yourself, and that’s it! The service will proceed to request signatures from all parties involved and subsequently send them a signed, final copy of the document.



Some PDF readers lack password protection (i.e., app lock) for secured signing, allowing users to add their signatures without validating their identity. However, you can easily mitigate this potential risk by using an “online signature” service that not only requires verification through email and/or SMS but also provides secure access to documents.


4 Advantages Of E-Signature Services That Boost Your Productivity And Make Your PDF Contracts More Secure

The ability to generate comprehensive audit trails throughout the entire signing process and document status is not only essential but often imperative for the workflow. This helps protect against fraud and proves who had the document and when. Proving the path that a scanned document took can be extremely difficult, and would include tracking down any number of email chains back and forth between the parties involved. For a faster process flow, keep your contacts exact and clean your email list regularly.

A Better Way to Sign Your Business Documents Digitally How to create an electronic signature

If you’re in a business that typically has fewer document-signing contracts to sign, or does not deal with sensitive documents (NDAs, agreements, etc.), then a PDF reader with editing functionality could very well be a sufficient option. If you want to build a happy workforce, start integrating electronic signatures to streamline your processes!

If your team processes a significant number of contracts and/or confidential materials, allow the electronic signature, DottedSign, to handle the signature workflow,  enabling you to focus on other mission-critical tasks! The service offers unlimited signatures, powerful features, and reusable templates, making it convenient and efficient. It is universally available across iOS, Android, and Web. 

Schedule a time with us today and we’ll be happy to guide you through the e-signing process using DottedSign, ensuring a seamless incorporation into your business processes!

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