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E-Signature Made Easier and Faster: Slasify x DottedSign

Electronic Signature (e-signature) tools are quickly becoming a standard practice in the business world, with many citing their ability to save time, save printing and operational costs, and save trees—all at once! E-signatures offer a secure and simplified signing process to match your business needs—giving you and your team more flexibility.

DottedSign, an e-signature service developed by Kdan Mobile, is the e-signature service provider for Slasify, a remote worker management platform based in Singapore.

DottedSign makes it easy for businesses, like Slasify, to collect signatures electronically. You just import your documents, add signing tasks and send. DottedSign does the rest while you enjoy the freedom of workplace mobility!

We had the opportunity to chat with Carlos, the founder of Slasify, and learn why he and his team love using DottedSign!


Slasify’s Issues Before Adopting DottedSign?
  • Slasify is a remote worker management platform, assisting their business clients with legal compliance, insurance and payslip concerns – they require an e-signature service that is compliant with regulations required by the local banks.
  • An e-signature service that supports specific “Asian” signing cultures (stamp culture).
  • An e-signature service that supports mobile devices as the relevant Slasify teams are always on the move.
What DottedSign Helped Resolve?
  • For Slasify and their clients, being able to achieve signing on the go, efficiently and securely, is one huge advantage that they are happy to have with DottedSign.
  • The visualized signing status helps the their sales team track the signing status of contracts and see whom is still required to sign, in real-time.
Documents or Scenarios Using DottedSign
  • Contracts (supporting documents) required by the local banks.
  • Employment contracts.



DottedSign (hereinafter referred to as D): Could you tell us more about Slasify and what services you offer?

Carols (hereinafter referred to as C): Slasify provides remote workforce recruiting to business clients who endeavor to build local teams on the ground, but often struggle with legal compliance, insurance and payslip concerns. Since our establishment in 2016, we have worked with over 400 companies, some of which are ranked in Forbes Top 100. Our client base is mostly in Mandarin-speaking countries and in the Southeast Asia region.


D: Have you ever heard of or used any e-signature services before?

C: Yes, e-signature services are commonly adopted in the Singaporean market due to legal compliance regulations. Hence, complying with these regulations are definitely a key fundamental requirement. In most cases, our contracts are supporting documents required by the local banks, such as agreements and regulations that need signatures from foreign employers and local employees.

Sales success

D: Why did you choose DottedSign over other service providers? How has DottedSign benefited your workflows?

C: Due to the fact that our business involves dealing with a heavy load of contract signing needs, we were referred to DottedSign. DottedSign has solved many issues that we previously encountered in the past when using HelloSign. We are very impressed by DottedSign’s user experience on mobile devices—the stamp function particularly favored by our Asian clients. Last but not least, the competitive pricing was one of the reasons we opted for DottedSign and not DocuSign.

Insert stamps in DottedSign

Since our business involves frequent worldwide travel, having the contract ready to sign on your or your clients’ mobile devices definitely helps to speed up the signing process, which is often time-sensitive. We could not achieve that using HelloSign. This is undoubtedly a big advantage that helped our business to grow faster (and securely) when we started using DottedSign.

When it comes to the e-signing process with our clients, we not only use DottedSign but we recommend the service to them as well.

Sign Anytime, Anywhere

  • Secure, legal, and reliable
  • Effortless document signing
  • Available on all devices

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D: What are your favorite or commonly used features in DottedSign?

C: In general, the interface is intuitive—even for the first-time users. They can simply follow step by step without reviewing a lengthy manual or undergoing extensive training. One feature worth highlighting is the visualized signing status. This helps our sales team track the signing status of contracts and whom is still required to sign, in real-time.

B2B sales digitization


D: How do you think DottedSign could continue to support your business growth moving forward?

C: Idealistically, we would love e-signature to be fully implemented across all aspects of our business, including all of our client signing processes. We value the efficiency, simplicity and confidentiality within DottedSign.


DottedSign and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership aims to offer you a fast, reliable, and secure e-signature experience for you and your clients. As a certified AWS partner, our solution seamlessly integrates with AWS services to give you unparalleled performance under the AWS ecosystem, including:

  • Data Backup
  • Platform Stability
  • Full Availability Service
  • Security and Compliance


Companies like Slasify are becoming more agile and efficient by using DottedSign to:

  • Quickly create legally-binding signed agreements
  • Create a mobile workforce
  • Reduce time, energy, and capital wasted during the signature process
  • Offer a greater sense of security to clients signing with e-signature tools

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Edited by Sierra Waite and Joseph DiGangi III